Scavenger Hunt

Three members of this team, Julie Bowen, Kelsey Meyer and Michael Thomas, sketch a chalk outline of Meyer outside the Southside Bar and Grill. The team, which included Clint Bowen, would win  the competition. completing 109 of the challenges. Photo by Stan Schwartz

Scavenger hunt required ingenuity and time management

BOWLING GREEN—If you happened to be out and about Saturday evening and thought some people in town were acting a little strange, you were right.

Seventeen teams of four people were on a scavenger hunt. And they were not just finding objects to bring back to their starting point—the Double A’s Haus just off the town square—they had several physical tasks they needed to perform and video or photograph as evidence they did them, in order to earn points to win.

Win what you might ask? What would compel these people to stand on their heads in front of the Champ Clark statue or wash a stranger’s windshield or walk through a car wash—with it running? Why gift certificates, of course. But most importantly, they were gift certificates to local businesses. Each member of the first place team would get $25 gift certificates for the Southside Bar & Grill. The second place team would get $20 gift certificates to Ann Layne Boutique. The Third place team members would each get a $15 gift certificate to Crossroads General Store.

The scavenger hunt was the culmination of a day-long event thought up by Stephanie Klott, who runs Ann Layne Boutique and Double A’s Haus. She, with the help of her two daughters Kate and Rachel Klott, came up with a list of 153 things people had to do or find or collect over the course of 90 minutes. So, from about 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. these teams scoured the city looking for some pretty interesting items and performing some hilarious activities in order to earn those points.

Similar to the Christmas in the Green event held annually, the Fall-ow the Hunt shopping event brought people in from all over to find exciting deals at local retail outlets. After the shopping event, those participating could enter a drawing to win a gift basket filled with wonderful items.

Klott said the shopping event went quite well. “Even better than Christmas in the Green,” she added.

At about 5:30 p.m., the teams started arriving. They could be co-ed, and a few were. Some groups even gave their teams names—most of which cannot be repeated in polite company.

Maxine Brody was there with her team The Heifers—all in matching T-shirts. She said she was the designated driver for the group, because one or more of the challenges might involve raising a glass or two in cheer. Each team was given the list of items and challenges along with a pen and a clear plastic bag for hauling their scavenged booty.

At least six people from various teams ended up in handcuffs—which was one of the challenges, along with standing next to a Bowling Green police officer or someone in uniform. With a wink and a smile, Klott said it probably wasn’t the first time in cuffs for some of them.

Several teens who like to hang out in the parking lot of Crossroads found themselves inundated with people asking them to be in photos with the scavengers, making the peace sign with their fingers. On any normal day Bowling Green is a friendly place with strangers waving hello or asking if you’re having a good day. Saturday evening, people getting ready to fill  up their cars found themselves being asked if they wanted their windshields washed for them. 

Teams could win extra points for some of the more daring challenges, such as the car wash, and at least two teams fulfilled that criteria—returning dripping wet with the phone video to prove their daring-do.

Klott said she knew there were far more things on the scavenger list than what the teams could do, which is where the time management came it. The teams had to return by 7:30 with as many challenges done as possible. In the event of a tie, the team that returned first would win.

Hosts of the earlier shopping event were Ann Layne Boutique, The Kountry Store, Prairie’s Edge Garden Center, The Henny Penny and Gypsy Soul Salon.

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