Weekly Wage Chart

Average weekly wages paid to workers in Pike County, according to the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, adjusted for inflation.

A survey of businesses across the country conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics  found that the average weekly wage for workers in Pike County was $631 in the first three months of 2019, the federal agency announced earlier this month.

That number represents an increase over the same period last year — which the agency reported as $616 a week. But adjusted for inflation, figures produced by the survey have stayed in a relatively small range for at least two decades.

The Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages is generated using information reported to the state unemployment insurance system, alongside surveys of some types of employers.

As of March, the census found 5,416 employees working at 481 establishments in Pike County.

The highest average weekly wage was earned by the roughly 340 employees working at the county’s 25  manufacturing plants, who earned more than $1,000 a week, followed by roughly 250 workers at 44 construction firms, who earned more than $900.

The lowest paid group was leisure and hospitality workers, at $268 a week, and educators and health workers, at $435 a week.

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