Portable X-ray machine

Diagnostic Radiology Director Rebekka Thornton with radiology technitians Michelle Garrison, Hailey McElfresh, and Meredith Hipes stand behind PCMH’s new mobile X-ray machine. Submitted photo

Louisiana—Pike County Memorial Hospital’s radiology department has received an equipment upgrade.

The new DRX-Revolution mobile X-ray system from Carestream is an X-ray room on wheels. This new, state-of-the-art machine can be easily moved around to different hospital areas for patients who are immobilized and cannot, or should not, be transported to the imaging department. The unit is entirely wireless and digital.

For almost 15 years, the Radiology Team had been using the same mobile X-ray machine.

“We went from a Ford to a Ferrari,” said Rebekka Thornton, diagnostic radiology director. The new device features a wireless high-resolution digital detector to ensure technologists can capture high-quality images right there at the bedside. The patients’ providers can then view those images at the bedside to help guide their treatment plans.

The mobile X-ray machine at PCMH is used in Emergency Department, Med/Surg Unit and Surgery, conducting exams such as chest X-rays, line placements, and extremity imaging.

“The mobility of the new machine allows us to go into rooms that aren’t really set up for mobile X-ray exams, yet it moves around the room with ease,” Thornton said.

“The advanced functionality of the new machine allows our technologists to quickly and easily produce exceptionally high-quality images of seriously ill or injured patients. Simply put, you have a lot of control with features that the old machine just doesn’t have, making the entire process easier on the technologist and our patient,” explained Thornton.

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