Full Throttle Nutrition

Danyelle Pool, right, stands with her sister, Emma Schambach outside her new business, Full Throttle Nutrition. Photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—If you’re looking for some good, high-protein drinks to carry you through the day, or a nutritional alternative to an afternoon energy drink, then Full Throttle Nutrition is the place for you.

Danyelle Pool opened her shop last week in the blue business chalet along S. Court Street just off the square. She said she had been looking for a brick-and-mortar store to get her new business off the ground, but rent for most places she looked at were beyond her reach.

She knows Tracy Brookshier, Bowling Green’s Chamber of Commerce president and chair of the Downtown Revitalization Committee. Through her, Pool learned about the business chalets and realized that it was just the kind of thing she was looking for—a way to test the waters for her type of business.

Being her own boss was also a big part of her wanting to set out as a business entrepreneur. Before this, Pool had been a secretary at a lawyer’s office and did some waitressing and bartending on the side. She was also just coming off four months of maternity leave.

Pool said her mind-set has always been to be in charge of her own business, so it made sense that she would start one.

“My mentality of how to run things is a lot different than others,” she explained.

She is basing her nutrition shop off of other similar shops, she said.

“We all basically use the same (ingredients and recipes),” Pool said. But there isn’t a shop like hers anywhere close.

“And the people of Bowling Green have been so welcoming,” she said. Full Throttle Nutrition opened last week, and she noted, people have been coming in just to see what the shop was about. “I have never been in such a supportive community.”

Pool came up with the business name Full Throttle Nutrition, and Brookshier helped her design the logo.

“Most people think of energy drinks when they see full throttle,” she said. “Our teas are caffeinated and they give you energy.” Plus she and her boyfriend like to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle. “So the name is fitting for the shop and us,” Pool added.

Working with Pool are her sisters, Emma Schambach and Brittany Pool. Brittany is full-time and Emma, who is still in high school, will work weekends.

Full Throttle Nutrition is open seven days a week. Monday through Friday, the hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday they are open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sometimes, she added, people come in thinking they’re going to get a milkshake. But the shakes she provides are nutrition based and can be used as a meal replacement. That’s why they cost a bit more—because of all the vitamins and protein and other ingredients she adds to the mix.

“The drinks are for everyone,” she said. “Not just for people who are trying to be healthy. The teas are a good alternative to soda. They are way healthier.”

She noted that a lot of stores close at 4 p.m., and she wanted to be open for those people who work second shift. And at some point, she said that when she hires on more help, the store hours would allow a high school student to get in a few hours of work in the afternoon.

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