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BOWLING GREEN—Last Wednesday, a woman entered the Crossroad General Store and told the employee on duty at the time that she had been abducted.

Shelley Wiler, owner of the store, posted about the incident on her store’s Facebook page, praising her crew for doing the right thing and getting the woman out of harm’s way.

“You guys are ANGELS! You know who you are!” she wrote on the site. She explained that the woman had two flat tires and willingly got into a stranger’s car. After a few hours of driving around, she said she was able to convince them to stop to let her use the bathroom.

“Once in the store, the victim asked for help from our crew member. Our crew shuffled the victim to a safe area and contacted the authorities. They did not leave the victim, assuring safety. They followed protocol for events like this to the T!” Wiler wrote.

She did not want the names of her employees mentioned in the article because the man, 43-year-old Scott Kohler, was already out, and Wiler didn’t want him to know who they were.

“We’ve rewarded them internally,” she added.

Bowling Green Police Chief Don Nacke said two people were taken into custody during this incident, but after working with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, the investigation into a possible abduction was stopped. In addition to Kohler, who was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, 39-year-old Tasha Strange, was arrested on outstanding warrants from the Elsberry Police Department.

“My crew did a really good job,” Wiler said. “They helped get someone home to their family and life. I am super proud of them.”

She said the woman was scared and freaked out about the incident. “We don’t know what the end would have been” had they not intervened. Wiler said she and her daughter, Bailey Wasson, sat with this woman, who was crying at the time. We stayed with her while she was there,” she added.

Nacke said the woman had a lot of “issues” and the investigation took the investigators in a different direction. That doesn’t diminish what the crew at the Crossroads General Store did, he added. They did everything right, he said, based on the information the woman had given them.

“But it’s really not what it started out to be,” he said. “It was not an abduction.” 

The woman’s car was located in Lincoln County near Silex and it did have flat tires. Nacke said the woman claimed that she had called 911 a few times, but there were no records of her making contact with any 911 operators in the three-county area that evening. She is actually from St. Louis County, and eventually someone she knew came and picked her up that night from Bowling Green.

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