Backdoor Pizza

Courtney Niemeyer and Brooke Haynes stand in front of the pizza oven. Backdoor brick oven opened Monday. Photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—After a series of delays, Backdoor Brick Oven opened its doors Monday. Well, technically, the doors have been open since Two Scoops, the ice cream parlor the pizza restaurant shares its space with, opened in May.

Backyard was supposed to start operations sometime in June, but problems getting the right parts and proper venting for the pizza oven caused the setbacks. Plus, owners Courtney and Matt Niemeyer, were also turning their gravel parking area into a hard concrete lot. That extra concrete also allowed them to set up outdoor seating.

After the lunch rush, Courtney and the other staff members were taking stock of how the day had gone so far.

“It’s been a little steady. Nothing too crazy, kind of the way I wanted it to go,” said Courtney. That’s the reason she decided not to go big with the announcement of the opening. She posted a note on Facebook Sunday. “It got a ton of shares,” she said, so they were preparing for the dinner rush that they thought would come later. “I though word of mouth would be good enough,” Courtney added. “We’re gathering out thoughts for, hopefully, a busy evening.”

She’s been asking everyone who’s been in if they like the food. So far, she said, the responses have been all positive.

She and her husband, Matt, decided on a companion restaurant to the ice cream business their daughter, Olivia, started.

When Olivia decided to buy Two Scoops and give it a permanent home behind her parent’s other two businesses—U.S. Cellular and Dish Satellite on Hwy. 61 across from Orscheln.

“We really just wanted something that would complement the ice cream,” Courtney said, noting that they had the space. “We own the whole building,” she added.

They do dine-in and carry out. The restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They’re closed Sundays.

Courtney said she did some research on the brick oven they wanted for the business. It rotates the pizzas as they cook, she explained, so it doesn’t need constant attention.

They hired Brooke Haynes as the day manager for the pizza restaurant.

“She does it all,” Courtney said. “She’s been a blessing for us.” Although, Haynes is their only employee for the pizza restaurant, she’s certain that they would eventually hire high school students to help out.

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