Options for Women celebrates 5th year of operation

BOWLING GREEN—It came as quite a surprise to Mary Oberman, who has worked hard to support the Options for Women center here, when she started receiving numerous accolades for her work with the Pregnancy Resource Center and Options for Women.

On Monday, under the guise of celebrating the center’s fifth anniversary, Oberman’s friends, family and colleagues gathered at the Church of the Nazarene to honor her for her dedication to the Options for Women center. She is currently battling cancer and recently had to take a step back from the center’s board of directors.

“Mary’s name has been synonymous with Pro-Life in Pike County,” said Paul Brunner, Options for Women executive director. “And it’s not just her,” he added. “We’re all part of that team.”

Brunner praised Oberman for heading up the Walk for Life and Banquet for Life in addition to all the other things she did for the center.

“Mary has been a real example of leadership through the years,” he added.

Martin Hanley said, “Since I’ve been involved with Options for Women, on the board, Mary had been my rock.” Anything he needed done, Mary was there getting it taken care of. He presented her a plaque to show the board’s sincere appreciation for everything she’s done.

Bowling Green Mayor Jim Arico read a proclamation from the city in Oberman’s honor: “In recognition of Mary Oberman … who has committed her life to the care and service of the city of Bowling Green and surrounding areas … and devoted her life to saving lives and the lives of the unborn … and to improve the quality of life for her family, coworkers, friends, associates and fellow citizens … and for recruiting numerous volunteers … counseled countless individuals … and not only with her words, but with her actions and Godly love. Therefore, it is with great honor and highest gratitude that she is presented with this certificate of recognition for her lifetime achievement of sharing God’s love and touching the lives of the citizens of Bowling Green, Mo.”

Rep. Chad Perkins, R-40th, presented Mary with a proclamation from Missouri’s House of Representatives.

He said the House recognizes Mary as an outstanding Missouri citizen and should be commended for her contributions to her community.

“Where as Mary Oberman is a valued member of Options for Women and Pregnancy Resource Center in Bowling Green,” Perkins read from the proclamation, “… her passion for Pro-Life has always been near and dear to her heart.”

Once Perkins finished reading and was handing the framed proclamation to her, Mary said, “Now, this is enough.”

Nan Brown said it was important to keep all the honors quiet in order to get Mary to come to the celebration. She is quite humble, Brown said about Oberman. She let her know that Tuesday, Aug. 31, was proclaimed Mary Oberman Day in Bowling Green.

“Mary has always been a selfless leader in our community,” wrote Pregnancy Resource Center Client Services Director Carmen Gamm. “She has worked for Ruth Jensen as a nurse for many years. She has been very active at St. Clement Parish in Bowling Green. Her passion has always been to help the helpless. This is what drew her to the project of a Pregnancy Resource Center in Bowling Green. Mary’s passion for Pro-Life has always been near and dear to her heart.”

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