Randall Cone dedication

The Rev. Randall Cone, left, now retired, received recognition from the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce for his decades-long dedication to his church and his community. Standing with Cone are John Kroeze and Terry Cook. Photo by Stan Schwartz

LOUISIANA—The Rev. Randall Cone from the Ministerial Alliance was honored by the people of Louisiana for all his contributions to the community during the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce luncheon Monday.

Cone, who has retired as a preacher, was presented a plaque and painting by Chamber member Terry Cook.

“You folks know that every once in a while someone comes along here in our town that make a significant difference (in the community), and they do so largely, for lack of a better word—unsung,” said Cook. “They’re doing this behind the scenes and making a significant impact, and they do it for a long, long time.”

Cook wanted to make sure Cone received the recognition he deserved for all the work he put into helping his community.

“At the end of last year, Rev. Cone retired from the Ministerial Alliance after being on it since its creation,” Cook said. “He’s been serving this community for a long time in a very positive way,” he added, “not just as a pastor, but when someone calls and needs lodging, or someone calls and needs assistance—someone needs help with a utility bill or needs help with food. For about 40 years Randall Cone was that person.”

With that, Cook presented Cone with a picture taken by local photographer Charlie Cogar, of a sunrise. “It’s a sunrise not a sunset, because he is such a beautiful giving light of Christ to this town for so long.”

They also presented Cone with a plaque, which read: “With Great Love and Greater Appreciation the Ministerial Alliance gives special thanks to Rev. Randall Cone for decades—and I do mean decades—of devotion, leadership, loyalty, and service to the people of Louisiana and the flock of Jesus Christ.”

Cone received a standing ovation from the group.

Cone said, “I’ve been here since 1986, but that wasn’t the first time I came to Louisiana.” In 1964, he came with his father because he liked Stark Bros. Nursery items. When Cone was living in Wellsville, he came to check out Louisiana, but didn’t know at that time he’d one day be a pastor in town.

“I thank you very much,” he said. “This was totally unexpected.”

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