Terry Cook at PSN

Terry Cook addresses the fundraiser on the topic of concealed carry. Courtesy photo

LOUISIANA – Although the weather was questionable, there was a good turn out for the Pike Safe Neighborhoods Supper and Concealed Carry Refresher fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 18.  

PSN wishes to thank every donor who helped to make the evening a great success.

Clarence Henke, the executive director of Pike Safe Neighborhoods, gave the crowd an overview of the operations of PSN and the many inroads that have been made in the Pike County area since the inception of PSN almost two years ago.

“Our Pike County neighborhoods are becoming safer with the reduction of drugs and folks are seeking information on where to obtain help in sometimes desperate situations.  Through PSN, folks can obtain information regarding resources that are available in Pike County,” Henke said.  

Attendees were also treated to a tasty supper that included an informational updated about the changes in the rules and regulations on concealed carry laws. The update was presented by Terry Cook of 54 Guns, Pawn and More on Brown Lane in Louisiana. Cook is a licensed concealed carry instructor.  

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