Aaron Trone and Dorman Warren

PCMH employee and veterans Dr. Aaron Trone and Dorman Warren, director of housekeeping, are shown wearing the red-and-white wrist bands thanking them for their service. Courtesy photo

LOUISIANA – Hospital patients are used to wearing identifying wristbands. Now, PCMH Hospital patients who have served in the military will also receive a band of another kind: one honoring their service to the country.

The red-and-white wristbands are inscribed with the words, "PCMH, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.”  Hospital employees who have served will also receive the wrist wear.

Currently, the hospital had no way of honoring patients and employees who had served in the U.S. military. Instead of recognizing these men and women for their sacrifices just one day a year on Memorial Day, the hospital wanted to make this a daily practice.

“I often ask patients about their service and personally thank them," Dolly Giles, chief nursing officer,  said. "I find that for many, they are grateful that we ask and proud when they have an opportunity to talk about their military service. For our older veterans, this dialogue is often very therapeutic and creates a bond with the caregiver. This communication enriches the hospital experience for both caregiver and patient."

Tylie Mills, CEO, called the patriotic keepsake "one small way in which we can thank veterans for their service and sacrifice."

"We hope the wristband will encourage conversations between patients and caregivers. It's important that we honor and thank veterans for all they have done for our country," Mills said.

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