The Haw Creek Club met Wednesday Nov. 6 at the Hannibal Nutrition Center in Hannibal Mo. Dorothy Flowers opened the meeting with a prayer. Members enjoyed a delicious meal of ham, sweet potato, corn, fruit cocktail and a large slice of home made bread.

Pledges to The U.S. and the State of Missouri were said. The devotional “Thanksgiving Day” was read. Members joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to Dorothy Flowers and “Thanksgiving Day.”

Roll call was answered by Brenda Cook, Lola Jennings, Dorothy Flowers, Marge Gilliland, Dorothy McCarthy, Mary Helen Elder, Frankie Epperson and Myrna Schuette.

Members told what their favorite food on Thanksgiving was. Lola informed members of some very interesting Turkey Trivia. The minutes were read and accepted. Treasurers report was also read and accepted.

A Christmas Project was discussed and more discussion is needed at next month’s meeting. Members were asked how many wanted to have a secret pal next year. Lola and Dorothy Flowers are our Christmas committee and have decided for members to bring snack items for our party, dessert and appetizers will be enjoyed.

Brenda gave a program on Christmas decorations and displayed some beautiful things and showed how to make them. Frankie had members play picture tic-tac-toe. Lola, after a name drawing, was declared first prize winner. All members received a gift to take home. Next month’s meeting will be in Frankford at the Fire House.

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