State reports surge in academic achievement at Louisiana

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By Adam Thorp

Louisiana superintendent Todd Smith welcomed apparent improvements in this year’s state reports on school performance — while recognizing the challenges for the district embedded in the results.

State Annual Performance Reports reduce school performance to five standards: academic achievement, achievement of traditionally disadvantaged groups of students, college and career readiness, attendance, and graduation rates. Schools are given credit for their performance and progress made year over year. At the end of the process, schools are given an overall percentage score.

This year, Louisiana earned a score of 88.9 percent, a few points higher than it earned in the last three years and slightly more than it earned in 2014 and 2013.

Louisiana’s improvement was driven by substantially improvement in the standard measuring academic achievement (which reached 96.8 percent) and attendance (which reached 95 percent). Smith said he was happy with the result, and “thrilled” by the improvement in academic achievement, which reflects performance on a variety of standardized tests.

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