Classes competed against each other in tug-o-war games. Photo by Stan Schwartz

Spreading one’s arms wide takes on a new meaning during gatherings

BOWLING GREEN—As the Bowling Green High School Marching Band struck up the school’s fight song and the students filled the bleachers, everyone there knew something special was about to happen.

Principal Scott Mullins watched the stands carefully as the high school students gathered on Friday for a somewhat traditional pep rally. As he gave praise to the students for handling the COVID-19 pandemic so well, he opened his arms wide imploring them to spread out across the bleachers because they had the room.

“You have done so well, so far,” he said, “let’s keep this going so we don’t have to stop school.”

The stands came alive as the students stood to adjust where they were seated.

Then it was time for some acknowledgements and awards for the students and the teachers.

The Cheerleaders were introduced first, then came the school band’s leadership team along with the color guard. After them, the football team came out to be acknowledged. As part of tradition each team player gave one of their football jerseys to a teacher who they either admired or had substantial influence in their high school careers.

The boys and girls cross country teams were introduced next. From there, the girls softball team came out to be introduced, and then the volleyball team.

The students then had a Mr. and Ms. BGA competition for the teachers, asking quirky and sometimes slightly embarrassing questions about their teaching, about possible tattoos and funny moments in their careers.

For the physical part of the competition, they had to put their forehead on the end of a bat, spin around 10 times and then try to throw a football through a small hoop. It did not go well for any of the contestants.

Jennifer Bowen was picked as Ms. BGA and Melvin Hurst was picked as Mr. BGA.

From there it was on to the student competitions. Some of the boys had to don shower caps that were then covered in CoolWhip. Girls would then have 1 minute to throw as many cheese puffs to stick onto the whipped cream.

There were also bucket pong and tug-of-war games to round out the festivities.

After the pep rally concluded, the students went back inside for early release, because it was Friday and that night, under the lights it was Homecoming.

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