Brayden Buffington

Brayden Buffington.

BOWLING GREEN—The mood was jubilant, as seniors gathered in the Bowling Green High School gymnasium for a pep rally on their final day of classes.

Principal Scott Mullins told the group how proud he was of how well they handled the year of COVID.

“I appreciate your effort throughout the year,” he said.

He also praised the track team, which had won sectionals for the first time in school history. He then had the Special Olympians come down to the floor to be acknowledged for their efforts—Noah Holds, Abigail Freeman, Blake Hayward, and Gunnar Hartman.

Athletic Director Matt Chance stepped up to introduce the man of the hour, Brayden Buffington. Buffington had won the golf state championship with a 4-stroke lead after two rounds. The head golf coach, Ryan Schiender, was getting ready to drive a bus, so he could not participate in the pep rally for Buffington, but he did provide some of Buffington’s accomplishments.

“He placed first in every regular season match, but one,” Chance read from Schiender’s comments. “He placed first at the Elsberry Invitational, which had more than 20 schools (represented) at that meet. He was the EMO conference champion for the second time. He was the district champion with the overall individual score. He was the No. 1 seeded player going into state (competition). He was No. 1 after the first day of state championship play, dropped to third or fourth, but then had the best 10 or 11 holes that I’ve ever seen to bring home the first State Championship for golf for our school’s history.”

Chance said that Schiender wanted everyone to know how proud of Brayden he was and how much he is a team player and a great individual to have on the team.

Buffington said he started playing golf when he was 2-years old. He was taught mainly by his Dad, Rick Buffington. Brayden said his dad is a big golfer too, and he enjoys getting out on the golf course with him.

“It was so amazing,” Brayden said about receiving his medal for state champion in golf.

Mullins said he had the authority to release the graduates a few minutes early, if they were really loud with the school cheer. They did not disappoint.

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