Handing out caps and gowns

Business Teacher Kim Luebrecht prepares to hand a lawn sign along with a cap and gown to a student as vehicles line up in front of the school. Photos by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—Although the parking lot parade had to be cancelled because of rain, the storm cleared just in time to allow Bowling Green High School seniors to swing by the school to pick up their caps and gowns.

Teachers and staff were gloved and masked while handing out the graduation gear, along with a sign for each graduate to put outside his or her home.

Students dropped off their homework and library books during the assembly line type exchange. Most of them, along with the parents who came with their children seemed in good spirits. The most embarrassing moment came when one student realized the teachers would see the mess in her car’s trunk when they were handing over the cap, gown and sign.

Principal Scott Mullins said it figured that as soon as he cancelled the parade the weather would clear.

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