The Louisiana Bulldogs battled the Montgomery County Wildcats Friday night during their 2023 Court Warming games. The junior varsity boys kicked off the night as they competed against the junior varsity Wildcats. They played a competitive game but fell to Montgomery County 30-50. In the varsity game, the Bulldogs started off strong, but the Wildcats took the lead going into halftime. The Bulldogs were unable to catch up and the Wildcats won the game. The final score was 32-55.

Between the games, Court Warming candidates made their way to the court. The freshmen attendants were Reece Wommack, daughter of Daneal and Stormye Wommack; Kane Mayfield, son of Lawrence Griffith and Tasha Mayfield. Sophomore attendants were Payton House, daughter of Jason and Jennifer House; Jamal Blackwell, son of Leroy and Alicia Blackwell. Junior attendants were Alli Jenkins, daughter of Tim and Ashley Jenkins; Ethen Harrison, son of Shane Harrison and Molly Helms. Senior attendants included Kamryn Gloe, daughter of Justin and Susie Gloe; Wyatt Harrison, son of Shane Harrison and Molly Helms; Malia Harrison, daughter of Carolyn Harrison; Kenny McCormick, son of Eddie Welch and Stephanie McCormick; Julia Murray, daughter of Joe and Michelle Murray; Donovan Richards, son of Pam and John Lynn and Ryan Richards; Mia Nation, daughter of Jeni and Michael Gambino and Dereck Nation; Sheldon Silvey, son of Larry and Angie Silvey. Crown bearers were Wren Asquith and Connor Penrod. The 2023 Louisiana Court Warming king and queen were Donovan Richards and Mia Nation. For more Courtwarming photos, see Page 8.

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