Louisiana Interact Club

Students from the Louisiana High School Interact Club help clean up the yard of a local woman. Photo by Jessica Graver

LOUISIANA—Need some yard work done and no longer have the energy or time to do it yourself? Well, you’re in luck because the Louisiana High School Interact Club is offering to help those in need of assistance.

Jessica Graver, a teacher at the high school said the Interact Club is a sub-branch of the local Rotary Club. Most towns have Rotary Clubs and its members work continuously to improve their community and help others in need here and abroad when necessary.

“It’s completely community service based,” Graver said of the Interact Club. Students have to sign up for the club, and the requirements for their community service are determined by the club sponsor. Currently, Graver is the sponsor, but people still email the former sponsor and sometimes reach out to Louisiana R-II School District Superintendent Dr. Todd Smith with requests. People who are in need of help, she said, should contact her directly at 573-754-6181, ext. 1004.

Graver said she had been approached a few years ago about a local woman’s yard that had become overgrown, and was too much of a mess for her to clean up on her own.

“My students worked on pulling vines off of her yard and her house,” she said. “They worked on clearing the stairs, clearing the walkways, so she could enter and exit her house safely.”

In addition to doing yard work for individuals, Graver said, the group has adopted a part of Hwy. 54

“We also helped out with the ‘Trunk or Treat,’” she added. “We just try to help out wherever we can.” They also helped with the YMCA dinner and museum dinner.

“We don’t really limit what we do,” she added. And they don’t limit their service to just when school is in session, although it is usually easier to find student help when school is open.

“With their busy lives, with not having school and working more, (their available time) is a little more constricting,” she said.

This year, approximately 34 students signed up for the club.

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