LOUISIANA – Louisiana Elementary School gets a visit from  Sarah Woodrow a Nutrition Program Associate, with University of Missouri Extension, once a week for six weeks  in total. Woodrow shares lessons that teaches students and adults about the value of healthy eating and important physical activity for lifelong health and fitness. These hands on lessons are being used all over the state of Missouri,  and across the United States.

The-30 minute lesson includes  low-impact physical activity and occasionally a food tasting experience.

Numerous schools participate in the program.

Daloris Picone's Kindergarten class at LES has enjoyed getting glitter bug potion/germs on their hands and checking under Woodrow’s light. Students then wash hands correctly to see if they got rid of "germs". Another favorite activity was to sample all five food groups! This included: bean dip, a carrot,  cheese cube, raisin and a wheat thin cracker.

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