The Louisiana Press-Journal Outstanding Senior Boy & Girl

The Louisiana Press-Journal Outstanding Senior Boy & Girl awards went to  Jordan Luck, left, and Rachel Beard, during the Louisiana High School Student Awards & Recognition Celebration. Photo by Stan Schwartz

LOUISIANA—Even with the seats spread out across the Louisiana High School gymnasium floor, there was still a good number of parents on hand to congratulate the academic achievements of their children.

High school principal, Nick Heggemann said it’s great to have a community so willing to support the academic achievements of the students through multiple awards and scholarships.

“Our appreciation goes out to the business, civic organizations and individuals in the community, who have sponsored many of tonight’s cash awards and scholarships,” he said during the opening ceremony. He thanked his staff for their efforts in putting the ceremony together and for all the teachers present to present some of the awards.

Teresa Long acted as master of ceremonies for the evening.

Sgt. Stephen Breitling presented the Missouri National Guard Recognition to Hunter Hobbs and Christian Medina.

The John Picone Memorial Scholarship was presented by Dr. John Picone to Hunter Hobbs and Jerry Perez.

The Rockne Calhoun Memorial Athletic Scholarship was presented by Joe Calhoun to  Riley Perrine.

Mark Haddock presented the Louisiana Alumni & Friends Association Scholarship to Jordan Luck, Jerry Perez, Jamie Sencenbaugh and Jaidyn Wommack.

He also presented the Ellen Morrow Memorial Math Scholarship to Rachel Beard.

And the Gierke Family Memorial Scholarship to Christian Medina.

ER John Meyers presented the George Trimble Memorial Scholarship to Emilee Hoskins and Aubrey Wendel.

He also presented the Bob Battern Memorial Scholarship to Lane Presson.

And he presented the George Keith Memorial Scholarship to Rachel Beard and Evan Jones.

He also presented the George Keith Scholar Athlete Award to Jaidyn Wommack. It was sponsored by Richie Keith, a 1984 LHS graduate.

Meyers went on to present the Maurice “Moe” Mosele Memorial Scholarship to Ryleigh Austin, as well as the Elks Lodge 791Scholarship to Christian Medina.

Stacy Shade presented the Eklettes Scholarship to Ryleigh Austin.

Candy Burnett presented the American Legion Aux. Unit 370 Scholarship to Aubrey Wendel.

Brittany Taylor presented the Louisiana Rotary Club Scholarship to Rachel Beard, Hunter Hobbs and Jamie Sencenbaugh.

Taylor also presented the Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship to Rachel Beard and Jordan Luck.

The PEO Scholarship was presented by Elizabeth Wallace to Jamie Sencenbaugh and Aubrey Wendle.

Cindy Blaylock presented the DAR Good Citizen Award to Rachel Beard. She also presented the DAR American History Award to Bryan Renner.

The Paul Muff Memorial Building & Trades Award was presented by Curtis Love to Zach Kilby. He also presented the LH Love Welding Award to Michael Shade and the Chris Muff Art Award to Teagan Carrington.

The Ray & Sharon Love “Education is Lifelong” Scholarship was also presented by Love to William Rousan.

The Pike County Mutual Insurance Scholarship was presented by Lisa Leake to Ryleigh Austin.

She also presented the Lamé Science Scholarship to Ryleigh Austin, Sidney Goldsberry and Hunter Hobbs.

Leake also presented the Elizabeth Lamé Memorial Nursing Scholarship to Aubrey Wendle.

Linda Shadde presented the Deborah Mae King Memorial Scholarship to Annine Sanders.

The Hampton Education Scholarship was presented by Leake to Ryleigh Austin. She also presented the Journey to College Book Scholarship to Riley Perrine, as well as the A+ Scholarship to Ryleigh Austin, Rachel Beard, Madelyn Bolton, Tori Borrowman, Madison Bradley, Sidney Goldsberry, Cecelia Hathaway, Hunter Hobbs, Emilee Hoskins, Emily Hughes, Jordan Luck, Cole Martin, Christian Medina, Riley Perrine, Lane Presson, Jamie Sencenbaugh, Aubrey Wendel and Jaidyn Wommack.

The Christian Gierke Chemistry Award was presented by James Ellis to Teagan Carrington.

He also presented the Jacob Gierke Biology Award to Rachel Beard, and the Susan Anderson Outstanding Science Award to Ryleigh Austin.

Lindsey O’Hara presented the Pike County Fair Board Vocational Scholarship to Riley Perrine.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Dept. DARE Role Model Scholarship went to Emilee Hoskins.

The Clarence Wahl Memorial Scholarship went to Sidney Goldsberry

And the Captain Roger Owen Gunning Memorial Scholarship went to Jordan Luck and Jamie Sencenbaugh. Heggemann presented these awards.

He also presented the Louisiana Press-Journal Outstanding Senior Boy & Girl awards to Jordan Luck and Rachel Beard.

The Stark Brothers Academic Awards went to: Personal Finance—Will Sheppard; Accounting—Evan Jones; Business Tech—Elaina Butler; American Lit—Mahala Sloan; and Senior Business Student—Jerry Perez.

An Anonymous Donor offered awards for: Algebra 1—Emily Powell; Algebra II—Elaina Butler; Honors Pre-Calculus/Trig—Madlyn Bolton; Honors College Algebra—Evan Jones; and Geometry—Riley Anderson.

The Bank of Louisiana Academic Awards went to: History Through Film—Evan Jones; American Lit—Cheyeanna Oberhaus; Physical Science—Tyler Martin; Health—Anna Ince; Spanish I—Anna Ince; Spanish II—Elaina Butler; Spanish III—Bryan Renner; and Spanish IV—Rachel Beard.

The Mercantile Bank Academic Awards went to: English I—Raegan Bowser; English II—Syler Feldewerth; Applied English—Jaidyn Wommack; Honors Composition—Rachel Beard; Honors Literature—Tegan Carrington; American Literature—Riley Perrine; Business Econ—Mahala Sloan; World History—Erin Ryland; American History—Anna Ince; Psychology—Rachel Beard; and Government—Tegan Carrington.

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