Pike County 4-H Recognition Celebration is an event to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the 4-H members and volunteers during this past year. This year’s event was held on Oct. 27.

“Recognition Celebration is our opportunity to let the volunteers in our program know how vital they are to the success of our program. It also highlights the many talents our youth have to offer,” said Patty Fisher, County Engagement Specialist in 4-H Youth Development.

Emily Meyer served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the afternoon.

Outstanding Member Awards were selected based on the member’s accomplishments, projects taken, leadership involvement, favorite 4-H activity, least favorite 4-H activity and other activities a member is involved in. The winners were:  Kade Ligon (Outstanding First Year Boy); Dominic Scherder (Outstanding 13 & Under Boy); Clara Bailey (Outstanding 13 & Under Girl); Evan Meyer (Outstanding 14 & Over Boy); and Callie Bailey (Outstanding 14 & Over Girl).

The Friend of 4-H Award is presented to individuals, businesses or organizations who have given an extra effort to help the county 4-H program. This year’s recipient was Young Farmers and Ranchers.

The Outstanding Project Leader is a person nominated by their project members for making an extra effort. The winner was Liz Rosenburg.  

Discs were presented to volunteer leaders who had volunteered for five, ten and fifteen years. Receiving five year discs were: Angela Matlock, Lynn Wilkinson, Sheri Grote and Donna Schultz. Receiving ten year discs were Liz Rosenburg, Amanda Haas and Rachel Robb. DeeDee Martin was presented her 30 year disc and a gift.

First year and second year volunteer leaders were recognized and presented their plates. First year leaders were: Mandy Burnett, Christy Dempsey, Nathan Hensen, Jaime Aslin, Rob Aslin, Nancy Harrelson, Lori Jennings and John Shannon. Second year volunteers recognized were: Corey Biggs, Chris Grote, Brock Meyer, Toni Doggett and Susan Fox.   

Nancy Buchmeier was recognized for her years of service as a shooting sports coordinator. Her leaders and project members presented her with a quilted wall hanging. The quilt was made by Amanda Haas. Mike Klott was recognized for being inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame.

The George Niemeyer Memorial Award was presented to George Niemeyer. The award is presented to a 4-H or FFA member who exhibited beef and swine at the Pike County Fair along with being 14 years of age and older.

Andrew Biggs, Cole Hunter, Evan Lagemann, Ryan Miller, Samantha Smith, Trenton Haas, Enoch Brown, Faith Brown and Abby Haas were recognized for their participation in the State Shooting Sports Contest.

State Livestock Judging Team members were honored for their winning the contest. They were: Clint Bailey, Callie Bailey, George Niemeyer and Lexi Koelling. Lexi placed third and Clint placed fourth overall in the senior team contest. Clara Bailey participated in the junior division contest.

County Fashion Revue disc was awarded to Danika Martin. She won her division at the county contest.

The 8 to 10 years of age Table Setting Award was presented to Phoebe Hayden, the 11-13 years of age award was awarded to Theresa Sick and the 14 and over age division was awarded to Samantha Smith. The event was held at Achievement Night in February.

The 2019 4-H Camp Counselors were recognized for their efforts in planning or organizing and carrying out camp. They were: Andrew Biggs, Callie Bailey, Abby Robb, Sarah Akers, Katelyn Lee, Kyle Martin, Evan Meyer, Alli Marshall and Abbie Waddell.

Adult volunteers that assisted as camp cooks were: Rachel Robb, Amanda Haas, Becky Turner and Amy Biggs.

Hannah Hortness, Madison Horstmeier, Evan Meyer, Callie Bailey, Abbie Waddell and Dylan Horstmeier were recognized for being participants at State 4-H Congress. Madison Horstmeier and Evan Meyer were also recognized for being elected Regional Representatives to the State 4-H Council. Abby Haas were recognized for attending State Teen Conference. Caleigh Grote and Connor Shannon were acknowledged for their participation in the Equine Tour. Abbie Waddell, Abby Robb, Callie Bailey and Sal Niemeyer were acknowledged for participating in the Citizenship Washington Focus trip. Clara Bailey was recognized for attending the State Public Speaking Academy.

Outstanding Scrapbook was awarded to Mealia Cover and Katelyn Lee of the Hartford Go Getters 4-H Club. Other clubs submitting scrapbooks were Peppy Circle, Lyla Kent and Ashton Schultz; and Pleasant Workers, Abby Haas. Receiving the Outstanding Secretary Book was Abbie Waddell of Peppy Circle 4-H Club. Other clubs submitting Secretary Books were Busy Bee Hustlers, Kimberly Niemeyer; Calumet, Chase Hall and Pleasant Workers, Charity Johnson. Outstanding Treasurer’s Book was presented to Cole Hunter of Calumet 4-H Club. Other clubs submitting treasurer books were Busy Bee Hustlers, Michael Maier; Hartford Go Getters, Shay Butler; Peppy Circle, Bailey Graves; and Pleasant Workers, Jordan Johnson. Outstanding Reporter was awarded to Mealia Cover of Hartford Go Getters and Clara Bailey, Peppy Circle 4-H Club was recognized.

Graduating from the Pike County 4-H Program were Connor Shannon, Katie Wilkinson and Emily Meyer. Katie and Emily were honored as being Missouri 4-H Scholarship winners during the event.

Junior Leaders are 4-H members who assist a project leader or activity leader in their club. Those recognized were: Caleigh Grote, Gabriel Maier, Ryan Miller, Sarah Bybee, Emma Niemeyer, Leila Niemeyer, George Niemeyer, Megan Niemeyer, Sal Niemeyer, Katie Wilkinson, Michael Maier and Kimberly Niemeyer. Teen Leaders are youth who take on the responsibility of taking on the leadership for a project. Recognized were Mackie Bliss, Caleigh Grote and Abby Robb.

Ag Innovators were recognized during the event. They were Abbie Waddell and Hayden Hensen.

The following members received project discs for having completed their project record: Sophia Hartwig, Rabbits, Beef, Dogs; Cody Aslin, Welding, Beef, Arts & Crafts; Lucas Aslin, Poultry, Sheep, Beef, Welding; Hanna Blackmore, Beef; Enoch Brown, Archery, Shotgun, Horticulture; Faith Brown, Archery, Sportfishing, Horseless Horse; Chase Hall, Beef; Evan Lagemann, Shotgun; Danika Martin, Clothing; Kyle Martin, Poultry; Lucas Martin, Wildlife; Nevaeh Ricks, Swine; Mac Biggs, Smallbore Rifle, Kaycee Charlton, Cake Decorating; Samantha Smith, Gardening; Callie Bailey, Livestock Judging; Clara Bailey, Livestock Judging; Clint Bailey, Livestock Judging; Weston Deters, Woodworking, Horse; Caitlin Grote, Rabbits, Horses, Goat, Poultry; Caleigh Grote, Poultry, Horse; Jack Hughes, Horse; Madilynn Jenkins, Horse; Allison Jenkins, Horse; Alexis Hudson, Beef; Jake Piper, Smallbore Rifle, Archery; Bristol Doggett, Arts & Crafts; Bradly Doggett, Air Rifle; Abby Haas, Swine; Trenton Haas, Archery, Shotgun; Charity Johnson, Arts & Crafts; Ivy Johnson, Arts & Crafts; Jordan Johnson, Arts & Crafts; Gavin Miller, Archery; Abby Robb, Home Environment; Lexi Robb, Arts & Crafts; and Mara Robb, Arts & Crafts.

Pleasant Workers 4-H Club was presented $50 from the Pike County 4-H Council for having the highest percentage of members exhibiting in the exhibit hall at the fair.

Pleasant Workers 4-H Club received the attendance prize of $25 and Calumet 4-H Club received the $25 from the club drawing.

Completion discs for members were presented to those in attendance. The remaining discs will be presented at the next 4-H club meeting. Pike County Farm Bureau and FCS Financial sponsored the completion discs.

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