Louisiana City Council June

Under consideration: From left, Tim Jackson (Ward I) Kiffany Ardeneaux (Ward II) and Susan Fregeau (Ward III) at last week’s City Council meeting. Photo by Adam Thorp

LOUISIANA – Delays of work consolidating utility lines along Georgia Street are worrying Louisiana City Administrator Kelly Henderson.

That work is preliminary to the efforts of the city and its chosen contractors to overhaul the infrastructure running along Georgia Street.

The work currently underway has left the sidewalks flanking Georgia Street pockmarked with ditches and pits.

Henderson said that AT&T had fallen behind the schedule discussed with the city for the work.

“You still see those huge holes on 18th Steet and all the way down Georgia Street? They’re not ours,” Henderson said.

“We’re about two weeks from that holding progress up,” Henderson added.

An AT&T spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on the progress of their work on Georgia Street.

The Council voted to accept the low bid for storm sewer work on the Georgia Street Project from Mick Mehler and Sons of Silex.

Bob Ringhausen, Ward IV, agreed to speak to a representative of the Pike County Sheltered Workshop, which provides limited recycling services for the city. After a survey distributed to city residents registered only tepid support for curbside recycling, Ringhausen said he would explore the city’s options.

Susan Fregeau, Ward III, and Mayor Marvin Brown reported from the Ribs on the River Barbecue Contest, which they both worked on closely, and characterized as a success.

Ringhausen noted that some of the start-up costs associated with the first contest, like the setup of electrical infrastructure in the contest area, would not repeat in future years, amortizing the cost and making it a more attractive financial prospect going forward.

The Council appointed Quanah (Lee) Otero to the Human Relations Commission and reappointed Phil Quatrocchi as fire chief.

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