LOUISIANA—There was a Gruffalo loose in Sunset Park Saturday morning, but the Friends of Louisiana Public Library had things well in hand.

They were holding Story Time at the Park at 10 a.m. Julie Stephens said they wanted to bring some of the stories children read to life. That’s why several of Friends and a few of the parents helped out as they put on a dramatic reading of “The Gruffalo” children’s book written by Julia Donaldson.

The children listened intently as Stephens read the narrative, and the parents and other friends filled in as the characters from the book—mouse, fox, owl, snake and, of course, the Gruffalo.

Once the reading/play was over, the children were rewarded with numerous games and crafts through most of the morning. Even though it was cool with a good breeze, the children enjoyed the mini-play and had fun creating their own play masks as well as playing the games Julie and the others had for them.

They were also provided with several games they could take home, and each was given a colorful canvass bag that they could use to carry their games, and possibly use on Halloween to collect candy when they’re trick or treating. Speaking of treats, the children were also provided with some tasty snacks while they worked on their projects.

Helping Julie out were Charlotte Perrine and Donna Valentino.

Julie said they would be holding other story times soon, but those would take place indoors at the library. Charlotte said she had volunteered to help out on Saturday. As a former teacher, she said, getting children interested in reading early is so important.

“I just wish more people would participate to these events,” she added.

Samantha Gentile brought Aurora to the park for Story Time. Tosha Hausmann brought Channing and her son, Christian to the park, so they could enjoy the stories.

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