LOUISIANA – The Louisiana Alumni & Friends Association accepts all donations, memorials and honorariums from anyone who wishes to contribute to the scholarship fund.  The donations are tax-deductible contributions, which allow the Alumni Association to continue presenting scholarships to those who need them to further their education.

The following donations have been made to the LHS Alumni & Friends Association from January 2019 through June 2019:

In memory of William Boston from Gregg and Cindy Blaylock

In memory of Jane Murry from Gregg and Cindy Blaylock

In memory of Darlene Wheeler from Gregg and Cindy Blaylock

In memory of Jo Ann Marsh from Gregg and Cindy Blaylock

In memory of the  Class of 1965 from Lawrence Lamberson

In memory of Ila Rose Ogle Rollins from Philip Ogle

In memory of Raymond Dryden from Bruce Findley

In memory of Danny Stoops from Bruce Findley

In memory of Donald Shade from Joyce Love Robey

In memory of Missy Sencenbaugh from Bryce and Doris Love   

In memory of Randy Stoddard from Bryce and Doris Love

In memory of Donna Barnum Bradley from Joyce Love Robey

In memory of Betty Conrad Allen from the  Class of 1946, John and Becky Elliott, Kevin and Vicky Keely, Karl and Tina Dewey. Mike and Anne Vieira, Pam Todd-Watts andJim and Peggy York    

In memory of Nick Quattrocchi from Betty Asquith and the Class of 1953

In memory of Jerry Lynch from the Class of 1975

In memory of J. Rockne Calhoun from Paula Meinert, Karl and Tina Dewey, Ron and Sherrill Wahlgren, Lincoln County Bar Association, Rodney and Diane Todd, David Ash, John and Paula McIlroy, Briscoe & Brannon, Pam Todd-Watts, Connie Cline, Rodney Dolbeare, Gina Edwards, Darcy and Debbie Henry, Cheryl Neal, George and Cindy Ricks, Clay and Marilyn Taliaferro, Charles and Veda Price, Mike Price, Alan and Sheila Edmiston, Price and Parker Edmiston, Mark Twillmann, Stephen and Carolyn Allen, John Allen, Craig and Debbie Monroe, John and Debbie Jackson, Bradley Law Firm, Robert Riti Jr. and Lori Riti

In memory of Elaine Sladek Brookshier from Karl and Tina Dewey

In memory of Virginia Wetzel from the Class of 1965

In memory of Samuel Lee from the Class of 1965

In memory of Jay Smith Thomas III from the Class of 1966, Bea Goodin  

In memory of Sam and Roberta Kilby from Jack and Dixie Holland

The following donation has been received for the general Alumni Scholarship Fund:

From Jeff and Mary Beth Eipper Simmons.

The following donations to the Ellen Morrow Math Scholarship Fund (administered by the LHS Alumni & Friends Association) has been received:

From Henry F. Pierce, Robert Shields, and Shell Oil Co. Foundation matching gifts.

The Louisiana Alumni & Friends appreciate the support of all who wish to see the work of the association continue.  Anyone wishing to contribute may send a donation to The Louisiana Alumni & Friends Association at POB 404, Louisiana, MO 63353 or through PayPal on the website   www.louisianaalumniassociation.org at any time.  Those contributions for the scholarship fund should be so designated.  It’s extremely helpful to also include the address of a person to whom the donor wishes a contribution notification to be sent.  Other monies are always welcomed to be used for general purposes (mailings, postage, fundraising projects, financial assistance to school programs, building projects, etc.) and should also be so designated.  The Alumni Association’s primary concern and purpose is helping the students and the district in whatever way possible.

All alumni meetings are open to the public.  There are only six or seven meetings a year and everyone is invited to attend.

The association also has re-printed copies of its cookbook available for purchase at the PCMH Gift Shop, the Louisiana Public Library and the State Farm Insurance Office, all in Louisiana, and on the website as an ongoing fundraiser for its work.

Anyone wishing to make a donation may send it to The Louisiana Alumni & Friends Association, P. O. Box 404, Louisiana, MO, 63353.  Donation envelopes are also available at area funeral homes.  A memorial donation may be made for a deceased loved one or deceased classmates.  An honorarium donation may be made for someone still living perhaps as a gift to honor him or her for some occasion.

All donations to the Alumni Association are greatly appreciated and allow the giving of even more help to the Louisiana R-II School District and its students.

Send questions and comments to athorp@pikecountynews.com.

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