Clopton students receive awards at end-of-year assemblies

CLOPTON – Pike County R-III school district continues to struggle to find bus drivers — a situation that has Superintendent Mark Harvey to take to the roads himself to cover routes.

“I just find it unacceptable that we have a superintendent of schools driving a bus. Its not in your job description, for one, and second of all, you’re not getting paid for it,”  Board member Mark Liana, who first raised the issue at the meeting, said.

Harvey noted that a department staff meeting scheduled the week before the board meeting had to be cancelled after a series of drivers called in sick. The district has only one trip driver left, and might be forced not to send students to off-campus activities if the situation worsens, Harvey warned.

Applications for the open driver positions, meanwhile, have been light.

“I’m beating the bushes,” Harvey said. “Its really not that bad of a duty.”

Will consider fewer make-up days

The board will consider making up fewer snow days, a question raised by Superintendent Mark Harvey.

The district historically has scheduled more hours of instruction than nearby districts and made up missed days on a one-for-one basis, but Harvey noted that some faculty had expressed an interest in making  up fewer days.

The district could forgive more missed days, as long as school stays in session beyond a state-set minimum. A reduction in make-up days could negatively impact hourly staff, Harvey noted.

Harvey said he would present a proposal to board at their February board meeting.

“I would not recommend [more] five-day weeks unless it became an emergency type situation, because that’s been pretty stressful on our kids and our teachers,” Harvey said.

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