2022 Swearing in at school board

Bowling Green R-I Superintendent Matt Frederickson, center, swears in the two new school board members. Photo by Stan Schwartz

During the Bowling Green R-I School Board meeting last week, two members were sworn in, joining the other five members of the board.

Scott Hunt and Tamara Scherder were the two school board candidates who won spots on the school board during the last municipal election earlier this month. Five candidates were vying for those two open spots.

Before they could be sworn in, Mayor Jim Arico and Brian Scherder were presented with plaques for serving their time on the board.

Superintendent Matt Frederickson said he wanted to extend his appreciation to Arico and Scherder for serving two full terms on the board of education.

During their service, he noted, the board oversaw the first bond issues that had been voted on in 50 years. Having that money, he added, allowed the school to make some significant upgrades.

“You all are to be commended,” he said. “It was your leadership and your council to me and your service to our kids in this district (that made the difference),” Frederickson added.

That effort took a lot of long evenings during the school board meetings to get thing accomplished.

“I thank you,” he said.

In addition to the plaques they were presented, Frederickson also gave them lifetime activities passes to all the school’s events.

Arico said it was a pleasure and an honor to serve on the school board. He had been a candidate seeking re-election to the board. During an open forum to meet all the candidate, he noted that he was pleased with all the candidates vying for the two open positions. He noted then, that no matter who the public voted for, they were going to be getting some very worthy people on the board.

Hunt and Scherder moved to the front of the room in front of the U.S. flag, where they were sworn in as the new board members.

From there, the board nominated officers for the Bowling Green R-I School Board. Bob Kirkpatrick nominated Holly Delgman, the vice present, for the position of president. The board approved and voted her in as president. She succeeds Allen Chandler, who remains on the board.

Delgman then sought nominations for vice president. Scott Smith nominated Kirkpatrick for the position. The board agreed and voted him in to the position. She also sought nominations for secretary. Chandler nominated Scott Smith. The board agreed and voted him into the position. He succeeded Brian Scherder.

Treasurer for the board is Connie Bair. The board voted her to keep her appointment as treasurer.

Delgman said, “We wanted to see if anyone was interested in being the MSBA delegate for our school district.” It had been a few years since someone had been named a delegate.

“It’s a great job,” Frederickson said. “You get to interface with the Missouri School Board Association, go to a few important meetings and bring some learning back to this group. And you get to go their conference and meet other board members.”

Roger Colbert was nominated for the position, and he agreed to take on the responsibility. A few days later, Colbert said, he learns something new every day. And at the school board meeting he learned the meaning of the word—voluntold. But, he added that, he was happy to be the school district’s delegate to the MSBA.

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