BOWLING GREEN—During the school board meeting in mid-April, Bowling Green R-1 School Superintendent Matt Frederickson thanked the board for their frugalness when it came to the school budget, because it set the school system up for success in the coming academic years.

“We ended the month of March with an unrestricted fund balance—when compared to the same month of the previous year—we’re ahead about $600,000,” he said. “We are really in a good position.”

Frederickson said he usually builds a conservative budget. He also noted that the state was the recipient of more than $2 billion from the coronavirus relief fund. Much of the money will go to the state’s school system utilizing Title 1 funding.

“That’s going to amount to about 82 percent of what we typically already get,” Frederickson said. This will help keep the school system stabilized.

There is more than $1 million in the budget that includes the restricted funds for capital improvements and bond revenue.

“They’re restricted because they have specific functions,” Frederickson said. “I feel good about where we are right now.” There were even funds to help with the unexpected school closure because of COVID-19.


Tier 3 intervention for students

Frederickson said he was excited about adding a professional for the school’s intervention program. The school had hired a company to come in and run the program. Now the school can hire someone to do it in-house.

“It’s hard to find someone who is a board certified behavior administrator for this program,” he explained, but he added that he believes by doing it this way, they can save the district about $100,000.

“And we can hire local folks,” he said.

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