BOWLING GREEN—Three positions on the school board were up for election this year said, President Bob Kirkpatrick. All three of the incumbents agreed to serve on the board again for another year. They are: Roger Colebert, Holly Delgman and Kirkpatrick.

“We are all returning to the board,” Kirkpatrick said, “and I think we’re all glad to be here.”

Because they were doing the meeting remotely using Zoom, with the school board members in their respective homes, Bowling Green R-I School Superintendant Matt Frederickson had Kirkpatrick hold up the U.S. Flag, which the board used to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and for the incoming board members to use for saying their oath of office.

Kirkpatrick also agreed to continuing on as the board as president.

Allen Chandler was installed as vice president; secretary is Brian Scherder, and Connie Bair as treasurer she is also the office bookkeeper.


Student Showcase

Janie Courier with the American Red Cross waned to share the achievements of  Bowling Green High School students, Principal Scott Mullins and the Student Counsel for sponsoring the blood drive.

The American Red Cross offers a $500 scholarship to the school for student participation. Bowling Green High School hosted three blood drives during its academic year, Courier said. The three drives together collected 131 units of blood. That blood, she added, was used to save up to 392 lives, which is equivalent to the number of students in the high school.

“I think that’s really awesome,” she said.

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