Matt Chance

Matt Chance

BOWLING GREEN—With the school currently shutdown, Bowling Green R-1 School Athletic Director Matt Chance, said so are the spring athletic competitions.

Reached by phone at his office, Chance said that the Missouri State High School Activities Association is “taking things slow” during these days of social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They told us that if your school is shutdown you can’t practice or play,” Chance said. Bowling Green Schools are out until May 1, unless that is extended, depending on the circumstances with official government guidelines concerning the coronavirus.

“So we’re not practicing or playing right now,” he said. “MSHSAA will reassess toward the end of April or early May.”

He noted that some schools, such as Macon, Wright City and Warrenton, have already closed for the rest of the school year.

“They’re not coming back” for the rest of the semester, he added. “But it’s still early April. We won’t know what the next few weeks might bring.”

And with that, it’s still way to early to assess what would be happening with the school’s summer programs.

“MSHSAA will wait until May to decide what the summer will be like for athletics,” Chance said.

“I don’t see the restrictions for groups of five to 10 people being lifted for several more weeks,” he said. “I’m hoping with the change in season and weather becoming more normal that we’ll get back to something more normal.”

The students are extremely disappointed, Chance said, about not getting to compete in track, spring baseball, boys golf and band events this spring. One look at the school’s main calendar and they disappointment is understandable, considering the amount of athletic and band events scheduled from now through the end of the school year.

“I, for one, am glad that MSHSAA is taking it slow, and not putting the kids out there in situations where they’re not safe,” Chance said.

MSHSAA issued a news release March 24, which states the organization is continuing to prepare for spring championships.

“In all likelihood,” it states, “any championships that do happen will have a very different look and feel than those in the past. The staff continues to find possible venues and pack up venues, as well as continue to develop multiple variations of what a postseason may look like.”

It also warns schools that because of CDC recommendations, it’s not safe for any number of school athletes to gather for workouts, regardless of whether it would be a violation of MSHSAA rules.

“While schools are closed,” the release states, because of the “COVID-19, teams are not allowed to practice or participate in competition. This includes informal/player-led practices or any type of instructional session.”

This is all to slow the spread of the virus by limiting the interactions between people.

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