BOWLING GREEN—With Fire Safety Month in full swing, four classes from Bowling Green R-I Elementary School got a chance to visit their local firehouse and learn firsthand from firefighters about the department.

The children filled one of the bays that normally houses a fire truck. Tony Windmiller, Bowling Green’s housing and code enforcement officer, as well as a volunteer firefighter, held up a pickax and asked the children what it was. Shouts came from all sides: “It’s an ax!” Windmiller asked, “What kind of ax.” “Pick ax!” came the reply.

Most of the children were extremely excited to be there learning about what the various tools are used for in fighting fires or for rescuing people from buildings or vehicles.

In addition the tools, the children got a chance to see the various fire vehicles and what they’re used for. They even got a chance to use the fire hose, under close supervision by one of the firefighters, of course.

Chief Adam Mitalovich said they hold the fire safety awareness program of the elementary school students about once a year.

Sometimes they take the fire trucks and equipment to the school, he added, and sometimes, like this year, the students come to the fire station for the demonstrations.

This year, teachers Holly Langley, Kelsey Mitchell, Lori Cohea and Melanie Perkins brought their students to the firehouse.

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