Louisiana’s swim team travelled to Hannibal last Monday, Jan. 13, for a swim meet.

Coach Joe MacLaughlin said he was pleased with Louisiana’s results, noting that five of the  six times posted by the team were personal bests for the swimmers.

Only three swimmers were able to attend the meet.

Shayla Hopkins presented the team’s standout performance, coming in first in the 100-meter breast stroke (1:27.23) and second in the 50-meter freestyle (30.37).

Krimson Lee finished third in the 100-meter backstroke (1:48.02), shaving more than eight seconds off her time. She came in fourth in the 50-meter freestyle (38.85), an improvement of more than four seconds.

Teagan Carrington competed in the 100-meter breast stroke, coming in fourth (1:41.93), and the 50-meter freestyle, coming in fifth (39.73).

Due to illnesses, the team did not travel to compete against Principia last week.

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