Graduates in truck

Hanna Blackmore, Faith Rule, and Oliva Blackmore prepare to take a ride through Louisiana in the 2020 Graduates Parade Saturday afternoon. Photo by Stan Schwartz

LOUISIANA—They came in twos and threes, sometimes in groups slightly larger. The 2020 graduating class of Louisiana High School pulled into the school’s parking lot a little before 2 p.m. on Saturday and prepared for a parade through town to mark their transition as graduating seniors.

Their cars and trucks were decorated and adorned with slogans and flags. Some wore their caps and some wore their gowns. But they were all wearing smiles as they lined up behind local fire and police vehicles as their escorts through town.

A Louisiana Police car led the procession as it pulled out of the school lot onto Georgia Street, headed toward the center of town and then down to the riverfront, where it made a quick turn and made its way back through the city and then almost all streets in Louisiana. That way, people who wanted to view the parade and cheer on the 2020 senior class could view the procession from their front yards and not have to worry about social distancing.

When the parade finally came to a halt at the riverfront, the students gathered for a class photo and then could take individual photos in their caps and gowns. The graduation photography was provided by Kimberly Chandler Photography.

A more traditional graduation ceremony is scheduled for June 19.

Chadwick Dowell, a local man, helped to organize the parade and photo shoot at the riverfront. In his Facebook post, he thanked the Louisiana Fire Department, Louisiana Police Department and the Buffalo Fire Protection District for their escort. 

He stated that “A meal and a gift were given out courtesy of the Mercantile Bank and Bank of Louisiana. This was a huge success! Congrats Class of 2020!”

He also put together a lantern release at the boat launch at 9 that evening. Students could decorate their lanterns or write messages on them before launching them skyward.

Dowell said the launch went great. About 25 students participated.

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