“This Will Always Be My Town”, is a love story about the love one has for the place

in which they grew up. The memories explored and shared are the culmination of a beautiful friendship that inspired a beautiful song. It is so true, when people say, " There is no place like home"

Songwriter: Ronnie Stoops

***This video was shot in our Hometown of Louisiana, Missouri -

By: Dylan Hetelle and Pendilton Whaley of PEAK MEDIA,

**Please check out our historical town : https://www.visitlouisianamo.com/about-louisiana-missouri/

Artist Website: www.kathrynshipleymusic.com

Video Production: Peak Media (Dylan Hetelle & Pendilton Whaley)

Photo Credit: (Star Hill) Courtesy of Tim Jackson Air/54

Photo Credit: (Champ Clark Bridge Implosion) Courtesy of Benjamin Cordes

Music Producer: Daniel Dennis

Background Vocals: Angel Hurt (Nashville, Tennessee)

Location: Prime Cut Studio (Nashville, Tennessee)

Special Thank You: Todd Smith (Superintendent Louisiana High School) - Louisiana, Missouri