grandmother with granddaughter

Lucretia Steinhage and her granddaughter, Beretta, work on some of the handouts provided by the event guest speaker, Brent Engel during Clarksville Library’s Plant Swap Day on Saturday. Photo by Stan Schwartz

By Stan Schwartz


CLARKSVILLE—The Clarksville Public Library held its annual Plant Swap on Saturday and brought in some skilled entertainment to spruce up the plants and seeds brought out for an even trade.

Brent Engel, local historian and prolific author, was called on to read from his extensive original poetry collection. But for Engle, poetry is more about the show. He brought props to aid in the reading of his poetry. Granted, his poetry reads more like an Irish limerick, and is just one step this side of bawdy, but it’s still family friendly—mostly. For this day, to keep in concert with the theme of plant swapping, Engle first read his poem “The Gardener.” That poem is included below. He read several other, delighting the audience with his wit and rhyme.

Following Engel was Joanna Brock, who is with the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce. She regaled the audience playing some ’70s tunes on the library’s baby grand piano. There were several drawing for prizes, and almost everyone went home with something from the gift pile.

The Gardener

 Feeble hands quiver slightly as they delicately

place seeds into the warm, loose soil

This is all that she has left now,

a patch no longer planted for noble practicality

but because of unflinching tradition

 For now, there are no intrusions in this peaceful realm

With the thunder comes the spring rain to awaken a kingdom

and the warmth of summer appeases her subjects

Invaders will eventually poke through the soil or trample

the staked rows, but her sons and daughters will rule

 She thinks how blessed it is that life allows us

to renew ourselves, much as her garden blooms

Alas, she sighs, all beauty is grand no matter how long it lasts

Here, of course, it will pass, just as the petals and the pickings

Now, if the world would only stop making weeds

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