Truck-tractor pull and gospel sing highlight opening days

BOWLING GREEN—Over in the fair barn last Saturday, children with FAA and 4-H, were showing their cattle during the opening of the Pike County Fair, which runs from July 24 to July 31.

Judge for this year’s event was Wes Tieman, who continually praised the youngsters for their efforts in raising and showing during the Bucket Calf Show and the Dairy Cattle and Beef Cattle Show.

At the Nolan Miller Pulling Track, the drivers were getting ready for the first night of truck and tractor pulling. Track officials waited an extra hour to allow the sun to set and hopefully cool off a little before the drivers started their runs.

Saturday’s pullers featured Eastern Missouri Truck Pullers and Local Farm Tractor classes. Some of the stock tractors worked hard to pull the sled down the course. The crowd roared to life when the trucks went full throttle, belching thick smoke out of their exhaust pipes. One truck, shot flames out from under its engine about mid-field and had to be towed off the track. 

The stands filled quickly and early, as the audience prepared for some high-octane entertainment—or in this case—gasoline- and diesel-fueled entertainment. Results from Saturday’s runs are at the end of this article.

Thursday night, July 29, will feature Mid Missouri Truck & Tractor Pulling Association and Xcaliber Pulling for the Pro Tractor and Truck Pull.

Sunday, the Gymkhana events were taking place at the Horse Arena by the fair entrance. Youngsters competed in several equestrian events throughout the day.

In the fair’s main building more than 200 people gathered for the Gospel Sing. Members of churches from throughout Pike County came to listen and perform, singing songs that praised God.

Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon’s performances was Pastor Kelly Hardcastle from Troy, Mo. He thanked the ladies from the group Prayer and Action in Christ Together for coordinating the event and brining together all the people to worship God in song. PACT is part of the Bowling Green Ministerial Alliance.

Last year, the event had been cancelled because of the pandemic. This year, everyone was ready for some uplifting music and meaningful prayer to start off the 2021 Pike County Fair.

Karen Arico, one of the four women who are part of PACT, said they are also planning a Spring Sing.

During the intermission, those in the audience made an offering. Arico said nearly $1,500 was collected that day, plus all the non-perishable food donated by those who came to sing. All the money is going to help with church programs throughout the county, and the food would go to those in need.

Arico thanked the Pike County Fair Board for allowing PACT to put on the Gospel Sing at the fairgrounds.

PACT also recognized several groups including veterans and farmers, as well as essential workers for all they do.

Hardcastle closed out the sing with the Lee Greenwood song, “Proud to Be an American,” which had everyone on their feet singing along with him.


Results from Saturday’s Truck/Tractor Pull


Work Stock Diesel

John Koppelmann 393; Todd Crane 334.35; Austin Aschemann 321.04; Josh Gibson 145.47

Hot Stock Gas

Ryan Dalton 330.71; Dale Oberlag 300.82; Matt Arms 296.57; Kira Keck 295.14; Dwight Terry 292.32; Steve Eggert 286.54; Daniel Chick 253.22; Kent Strobel 209.2

Open Gas

Chuck Feldmann 315.2; Ed Scott 313.92; Eric Scott 306.5; Marc Huls 305.84; Doug Huls 300.97; Colton Kopp 299.18; Keanen Kopp 283.31; Justin Kopp 282.55; Les Arms 12.85

Unlimited Diesel

Robert Dempsey 289.3; Brandon Morris 241.8; Kurtis Heffner 234.43

Street Stock Gas

Matt Arms 324.31; Candace Root 321.04; Brent Wiesehan 320.63; John Hudson 316.58; Trey Gibson 314.43; Adam Gremminger 304.61; Kale Bethel 294.22; Cody Strobel 288.28; Daniel Chick 287; Stephen Loy 285.21; CC Gremminger 265.19; Cole Suchland 48.11; Brandon Hoebing 1

Street Stock Diesel

Storm Campbell 304.66; Clete Miller 292.98; Chris Ludwig 291.45; Jonathan Evans 287.87; Jay Hurd 279.63; Drake Caruthers 278.86; Kenny Johnley 278.09; Brandon Morris 273.49; Eddie Heffner 272.15; Kurtis Heffner 261.61; Clete Miller 255.62; Dan Hahn 230.13; Jesse Miller 5.12

Pro-Street Gas

Ryan Dalton 317.56; Lester Arms 306.96; Phillip Culwell 305.07; Les Arms 304.97; Dustin Terry 285.26; Adam Taylor 282.03; Jason Betz 277.43; Steve Eggert 277.43; Scott Buchanan 275.28; Brian Hopkins 273.59; Chuck McCormick 26.57

2.6 Smooth Bore Diesel

Justin Herring 280.65; Eddie Heffner 277.94

Hot Stock

Small Block Gas

Chance Foster 313.31; Trey Gibson 308.29; Adam Gremminger 301.69; Lucas Lash 297.39; Cody Strobel 18.84; Kent Strobel Scratch

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