Wings on wall

Sheri Grote paints wings.

Sheri Grote is seen here painting angel wings on the back of the Ann Layne Boutique building, just off of N. Court Street. Grote, who is also an art teacher at Bowling Green R-I School District, said Ann Layne owner Stephanie Klott commissioned her to paint the mural after seeing something similar on the side of a building in Springfield, Mo.

Stephanie said she saw a mural in Springfield where people could stand against the wall and look as though they had wings. Those were butterfly wings. She added that she hoped people would use the angel wings for prom photos and other notable events. She first thought about having the mural painted along the side of the building facing N. Court Street, but knew a lot of couples use that wall as a background for wedding photos.

‘It’s such a strong blue color,’ she said, and she didn’t want to disturb it. Instead, she had Sheri paint the interactive mural on the back side of her other business, Double A’s Haus, which is adjacent to the boutique. Sheri also created the Double A’s Haus logo for Stephanie.

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