Sen. Bernie Sanders is a fundraising phenomenon in Pike County and much of the country, according to recently released fundraising data.

The flow of money out of Pike County is modest compared to the totals produced in other parts of the state or the nation, but it provides an early glimpse of where Pike County might line up in the democratic primary.

The recent release of information from Act Blue — a payment processor for progressive causes, including each of the presidential candidates — gives a rare glimpse into the small-dollar donations that increasingly define the political fundraising game. Normally, donations under $200 would be opaque — as donations under $200 made outside of the Act Blue system still are.

Sanders leads with a plurality of distinct donors in Pike County (a little over 40 percent) and more dollars raised than all of his opponents combined (almost 60 percent).

Also raising more than 5 percent of the county’s total: Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, entrepreneur Andrew Yang and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.

The released Act Blue data prompted a flurry of analyses of the state of the fundraising race by national publications. Maps produced by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post all show Sanders with a commanding lead across the country’s geography, trailing only in and around his opponent’s home states.

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