Sliding into second

A player with the Nana Boos slides into to second base on a pop fly to the outfield. Photo by Stan Schwartz

KD’s Crew takes the title and the trophy

BOWLING GREEN—Not all the teams returned to the field this past Saturday for the conclusion of the Second Annual Kaleo Dade Co-Ed Softball Tournament. At least six teams dropped since the tournament was postponed from June 27.

The tournament had started on Friday, June 28 because of the numerous teams that registered to play. Twenty-eight had signed up, but by game day, only 25 teams were still on the roster. Things were looking good until day two of the tournament. Mother Nature decided not to cooperate sending in heavy thunderstorms. There was still a chance they could finish the tournament that Sunday, but the fields were soaked and radar had several more storms moving toward Bowling Green.

That’s when Tiffany Coleman-Dade, who started the tournament last year in her son’s name, made the call to postpone play until a later date. Of the teams that were still in the running for the top three spots when play ended last month, six dropped out before game day Saturday.

Tiffany said some of the teams that dropped already had other plans for that weekend. Even so, she thought they still had a good turnout for the tournament.

Tiffany’s family had four teams in the tournament. Two were still in the running for the title on Saturday. Her team, I Am 2, is named after the non-profit organization Tiffany is starting to handle the money raised for scholarships in Kaleo’s name.

Gabby Elliott, one of Tiffany’s teammates, thought the others team’s pitcher was pretty good.

“I give her kudos for doing that, because I would never in a million years get out there and do that,” she said about being on the pitchers’ mound. She added that it was too bad some of the teams had to drop out. She thought there were some really good competitors in those teams.

I Am 2 won their first two games on Saturday, the second with a score of 28 to 6, but were knocked out of play during their third game of the day.

But that did not dim Tiffany’s spirit, because the team, KD’s Crew, made up of her son’s close friends, went to the final bracket undefeated and won the tournament. Second place went to People’s Bank and Trust and third place went to Pitches Be Trippin.

In her online post about the finish, Tiffany wrote, “Oh this crew melts my heart! Nobody wanted this more. They fought so hard and brought it home! I know Kaleo is over the moon!”

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