Ben Franklin Building

Ben Franklin building.

BOWLING GREEN—Bill Allen, a local businessman, recently purchased the Ben Franklin building on the southwest side of the town square.

Allen said he believes the building has been vacant for at least 35 years. He has some ideas of what to do with the building.

“I’ve got someone who’s really wanting to use it as a wedding venue,” he said.

Renovations should start after the first of the year, Allen said. The building was already gutted, and is ready for new construction. There were some concerns about the roof, but Allen said it wasn’t as bad as people thought. Just a few areas need to be fixed, he said.

His biggest concern is getting water lines to the bathrooms and kitchen areas once they start the renovation. He thought it might take digging out the foundation to run the lines, or possibly raising the floor and installing the system under that.

Allen said he plans to make over the entire building, giving it a whole new look. There were three offices on one side of the 6,950-square-foot structure. One of the offices, he said, he is keeping for himself. One of the others will become the bathrooms and the last one will be where the kitchen area will go.

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